Language of Investing – Starting September 12, 2023

Focus of this workshop is to give participants a good understanding of what it means to invest, and the terms used. It will start by making sure we know what your money goals are and how compound interest works. Then we will look at the several types of investing such as GICs, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, bonds, and stocks. What the risks are when you invest your money and the returns each type of investment can provided.

Time 3 hours

Topics include:

  • Basic Investment terminology
  • Types of investments
  • Importance of time when investing
  • Understanding investment fees
  • How to set up a portfolio
  • Where do you go to purchase investments

Basics of Investing – Starting November 12, 2023

This is the follow course to the Basics of Investing. the basics of how you can start investing. We will look at how we invest through discount brokers, regular brokers, advisers, and robo-advisers. What are fees when you invest as well as tax beneficial products the government of Canada has. These include TFSAs and RRSPs.

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How to Read Your Credit Card Statement

How do credit cards work? Most importantly how is interest calculated and what fees are you paying. If you are interested in finding out, I’m finishing a brief 4 parts series, each video will be 10 minutes, on how to read your credit card statement.
Topics will include:
What is credit?
What information is on your credit card statement?
How is interested in calculated?
What fees you are you paying?
More details soon…
If you are interested in receiving information about this webinar please email me at

Money Basics

Taking control over your spending and start saving to get what you really want.

Time 2 hours

Topics include:

  • How can money help you reach your goals?
  • Where does your money really go?
  • Developing a spending plan you can really follow
  • Why is savings important to you?

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