Do you wish you had someone you trusted help you look after your money for you, so you can achieve your goals? Are you worried you’ll never be able to save for school, a dream vacation, or retirement? Would you like someone to explain what your financial adviser is talking about?

I created Simple Money Talk to help women learn the why, how, and where to manage their money so they can reach their financial and life goals. I provide financial planning services to single and expat women. My goal is to help you will increase your money knowledge, skills, and confidence and reduce your stress and anxiety.

I can help you understand what your financial planner is talking about and how you can start saving and investing your money so that you will be able to retire, save for school or go on your dream vacation.

It is a widely held belief that you just know how to manage your money, but money management is a learned skill and everyone can and needs to be learn it. Regardless of how much money you have, you can take control of your money and learn to manage it to help you reduce your stress about it.

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