Best Wishes for 2022!

I hope 2022 brings you sparkles.

The beginning of the year and end of the holiday season it is a good time to reflect on your goals and financial plan. It is a good time to think if your goals or situation changed? Does it need to change? Financial plan should be helping you meet your needs and achieve your goals.

I have two goals for Simple Money Talk is to help you improve your money confidence. The first is to return to publishing a monthly blog with information to help you. The second is to develop and launch two online courses on the language of money and the basics of investing. I am looking forward to working on Simple Money Talk and being able to reach more women.

I enjoy talking about money and helping women improve their financial knowledge and confidence. I have worked with great clients who have helped me learn more about what information women are looking for. Most were looking for clear, simple and useful financial information to help them reach their goals. As well as to be spoken with in a friendly and professional manner. I am happy I have been able to meet their expectations and helped them.

Wishing you a peaceful year you will opportunities to move closer to your goals.

Change is happening here!

During the past year I had to step away from Simple Money Talk. I have not been able to dedicate the time and effort that I need to keep the information relevant to visitor and clients. This is about to change!

I’m recommitting to make Simple Money Talk a valuable resource for women looking to grow their confidence dealing with money. This includes launching new workshops and blog posts as well as links to important resources.

Thank you for checking in and I will keep you posted on the evolution of Simple Money Talk!

How to read your credit card statement webinar, coming soon!

How do credit cards work? Most importantly how is interest calculated and what fees are you paying. If you are interested in finding out, I’m finishing a 4 parts series, each video will be 10 minutes.¬†
Topics will include:
What is credit?
What information is on your credit card statement?
How is interested in calculated?
What fees you are you paying?
If you are interested in finding out more about this series email me at

Simple Money Talk’s Second Birthday

June 2017 is Simple Money Talk’s second birthday! It is hard to believe it has been to 2 years since I launched Simple Money Talk in Doha. It has been a very interesting adventure setting up a business, website, and blog. I have loved meeting new people and helping clients. Thankfully I still enjoy¬†talking about money.

I have refined what Simple Money Talk but at its core is it is still about help women learn about money management so they are able to make confident money decisions.

Thank you all for your support.